Sunday, 10 April 2011

Anything is possible....?

You know the saying, "Anything is possible". Usually said to encourage a friend who is about to take on a new adventure, hoping for a promotion or going for a job. But who really beleives it? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...

Sure, it's possible to get hired over someone with more on-paper experience because "Well Sally, you have so much passion for marketing that I'm sure they will see that!'" And "You just never know, do you?!" But when it comes to us, and our own dreams it's "Oh no, it's unheard of to get a place in that suburb for that price" and "I wish I could just quit and go travelling but I don't have the money...".

'Anything is possible' has limits for us. So really anything is not possible. Somethings happen if you're lucky enough and good enough at it. At what? Wishing? Believing? What about being? We want to believe, like most children allow themselves to believe, that we can do anything, have anything, be anything. But reality tells us that it just isn't so when you grow up. "Money doesn't grow on trees".

What if it did? But is doesn't. What if it did though? doesn't. BUT WHAT IF IT DID?

Ahh, I guess um I would be rich...? I would um, go down to my yard in the morning and pick some money and go out and have breakfast and then I'd, ah maybe go to the movies instead of going to work...maybe.

Wow! What else is possible!?

Ah, well if money grew on trees, we would probably plant more of them instead of chopping them down cause everyone wants more money.

Ha ha! What else?

Ummm, I would fly anywhere in the world, I'd fly to Nepal and backpack up the Himalayas and then I'd travel across to Europe, to France, and I'd eat snails cause I can and I'd stay in the biggest, luscious five star hotel and jump on the bed naked and I'd, I'd fall asleep with a smile on my face....

Wow, sounds like fun.

Yeah but it's not rea-

Ah ah ahh- what if you lived like it was? What if you could create the life you want just by living it?

Hmm. So I can live like money grows on trees without them actually existing...?

They do exist. If you choose them to. What if by you're choosing, they would begin to grow? What if they only do not grow right now because you have not created them and allowed them to exist?

What if all it took, for ANYTHING to BE was the conception as a result of your choosing? 


  1. So friggin' cool!

    You are a funny kid

  2. I enjoyed your post... even though I had a few experiences when impossible really happened :)