Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Choosing to Be....

From what I can see, there are just a few ways that people live their lives. Some people are governed by a God (who can have many names); an entity which is separate from themselves who creates life and death, and everything else that happens within their life. Someone else may operate from a place of 'this is all there is, things happen, nothing really means anything'. And others live their life as the creator of their own realities...

If this last one is YOU, or you would like to begin to live this way and acknowledge that you truly are the SOURCE of the UNIVERSE....then I would like to talk about the infinite possibilities in which we CHOOSE to LIVE.

First, ask yourself; WHAT AM I CHOOSING TO BE IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW? Am I choosing to be the victim? The Persecutor? Or the Rescuer? Am I at the AFFECT of LIFE? Am I the ONLY ONE who realizes how stupid/annoying/heartless people are? Or am I the one who is always HELPING OTHERS?

Secondly; WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO BE? If I could be ANYTHING?! So, the question isn't what career would you like, or what kind of person (kind, fun, creative etc) you want to be, but what is the essence of what you would like to be in your life that you are creating? A connector, a magician, an expression, a healer...

Now- ARE YOU CREATING WHAT YOU WANT? It's simple, yes or no? ;) If it's YES, cool! How does it get even better for you? What would it take for you to have more choice in creating who you are, right now? If NO, that's okay too. Now, what else is possible for you? Could you acknowledge that you have total choice in life (and death for that matter)? What would it take for you to claim and acknowledge that you are the amazing creator that YOU ARE?

If you could claim that you are the creator of your own life, can you also be aware of what you are choosing for your life and your being? Are you choosing to be the SAD, HURT, HARD-DONE BY, CRAZY, FUCKED-UP, MENTALLY UNSTABLE, TORTURED SOUL? If so, could you be WILLING (I didn't say you had to- just be willing) to choose something else? I'm going to take it as a YES, that you'd be willing for another possibility ;) So now IMAGINE for a minute what your life could BE, FEEL, LOOK, SMELL, SOUND like if you chose to be the GREATNESS of YOU; the MAGICAL, POWERFUL, JOYFUL, HEALTHY, CREATIVE, ENERGETIC, PROSPEROUS, CONSCIOUS YOU!!

Now, write it down, paint it, sing it, live it, BE IT! 
Or not. It's your choice, and it's all yours. :)

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