Friday, 22 July 2011

One Life

I've slowly but surely been confronted with death over the past few years. Maybe it's been my whole life, but in the last year, or even more so, last months, it's been closer to home, somehow more significant and it has allowed me to expand my horizon on the topic of Life After Death. 

I wonder if disembodied beings call it Death After Life when they leave whatever plane of existence they are on and come to Earth? Weird thought. Or maybe they just call it the same, Life After Death. Because really, what I'm becoming more and more aware of is that it's all a cycle of choice, rebirth, experience, healing and learning opportunity.

I think death and life are one and the same. Though there are some differences that we can begin to learn from, on both sides. To be human is to have personality and live here in this physical realm we call Earth. But to be be a human being and have a personality is not WHO WE ARE. It's just one facet, one incarnation, one experience of who we are. So to then die, and leave our Earthly body behind, does not mean that we cease to exist or that we are gone or forever lost. It means that (possibly) we return to our natural state. To our natural essence, our Soul or Spirit. Now how do we know that the physical realm is not the natural state and why do we feel such sorrow, loss, grief, disconnection from those that die? We can ask which came first, the chicken or the egg? The Universe or the Earth? The Spirit or the Physical?

I suppose the answer to this depends on your belief system, did God speak everything into existence all at once or was there an evolutionary process? Both could actually go hand in hand if we let them. Read Edgar Cayce's thoughts on the human origin for more on this;

So if we are at the core SOUL or spirit, not physical and PERSONALITY then why do we feel so disconnected from our soul and so confused or powerful (whichever stand point you take on yourself, and there are many, either negative or positive as we choose to judge ourselves; "Am I a good person?")?!? Possibly, somewhere along the way we turned our back on the spiritual and delved further and further into the five senses of this world. Now our ego, our judge, or personality is who we are and the world as we know it is our Universe. 

I could go on and on with this topic, but I'll get back to the one at hand. Death, or Life. So those that die as we know it, and return to their simple form as a Soul, without a body, are they reconnected with the Spiritual world and what do they do there? I guess it could be like when a baby is born, we are a new human being, with a body, breathing air, eating and pooing and weeing but we have to learn how to use our body, and how to communicate with other humans with speech and written word and expressing emotions...until we can walk by ourselves and live the life we want (or don't want). 

So as it may be, when we pass on from this world, it takes us a little to understand and become aware of our non-physical body and to communicate with other beings without words and go on to choose what it is we would like to do in this new existence. I'm sure it's possible for a being to get stuck in it's life as it is for a human to in this one. And it's also possible for a being to shift and change and choose CONSCIOUSLY rather than unconsciously in the afterlife as it is for a person to do that in their life on Earth too. Revelations and conscious choosing can change the way a being, human or not, lives their life for the rest of eternity, and that revelation could happen in life or death I'm sure. 

I believe that we can learn from the disembodied, that we are not only what we see, hear, smell, taste and feel (and think), but that we are still connected to our very core, our soul. And this means that the beings that once walked beside us, can still be connected to us here too. Existence has no time or limits. we are all connected all the time, if only we would begin to tap into the receiver. 

And so, let us not pity the dead, because they I'm sure do not pity us. We really are no different to them. Let us grieve because we no longer sense our loved ones with the same senses we are so used to, but let us also expand our knowing and open our sense to connect with them in new ways. What else could be possible for us and for our loved ones that leave this world? 

Whatever you believe about life and death, about right and wrong, good and bad, God and Humanity, the Universe and Earth...ask, what else is possible? Let's allow ourselves to EVOLVE, expand and become fully conscious to our very essence, our being, our SOULS. Rather than remain STUCK, stagnant and the same, where all we know, and believe, and live is limited by our physical world and five senses. Let's start to tap into and explore our multi-sensory aliveness and beyond! 

Love and Peace to you and yours. XXX

If you would like to speak to someone about a loved one who has passed, or would like to know more on the infinite possibilities of what your life could be...I suggest getting in contact with some of these amazing people below. What else is possible?! 

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Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn. - Mohandas K. Gandhi